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XL CT3 Holster Release Lever
  • XL CT3 Holster Release Lever

    The Comp-Tac CT3 level 3 activation lever releases the hood when pressed and then releases the ejection port lock when it is held down during the draw.


    The Koffin Wurks XL CT3 provides the user with a taller lever resulting in what we feel is a quick consistent draw stroke without sacrificing the CT3 Duty Holsters awesome retention capabilities.


    The CT3 holster ships with a small size lever and a extended lever directly from Comp-Tac. However if you have short thumbs (like me) the Koffin Wurks XL CT3 lever may be a great option for you, The redesigned angle on the lever , texture, and height will help you get a consistent release everytime.

    • Additional Info

      We've contacted Comp-Tac about fitment and were informed that all levers should be the same across the board no matter the model . 

      These were only tested on the Comp-Tac Level III Duty Holster designed for a Glock 34 with light. Although i am assuming that all the CT3 level III  Duty holsters will use the same lever i cannot 100% confirm at the moment. 


    • more info

      Manufactured  PLA+

    $20.00 Regular Price
    $13.00Sale Price