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  • Haku

    The Haku is an easy way to temporarily add vegetation to helmets, rifles and can even be used to secure cables down. It is also easily adjustable for length and tension as well as extremely packable, it takes up almost zero space in pouches.


    The two ends are Hook & Loop which can lock onto eachother or individually attach to any loop base. This makes it very wasy to deploy and detach.


    The pictures shown are only one way to wrap the shock cord but i found it the easiest  way to install. It will typically take less than 10 seconds to get out and install this way. On long guns i will leave the bases attached to eachother then lasso the front of the gun and then wind the shock cord down the rail until you can anchor the bases behind the optic mount. To detach from the gun just undo the bases.

    • Additional Info

      comes with:

      (2) base coyote

      (1) approximately 4ft of ranger green shock cord

      *magazine is only for size reference and is not included

      * both the helmet and the rifle in the pictures used the full 4ft of shock cord