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PID Target Set
  • PID Target Set

    Target set developed by Koffin Wurks to help aid in Positive Identification (PID).  The set consists of three 18x30 target backers along with three PID inserts consisting of three different PID scenarios , one right handed shooter , one left handed shooter, and a no shoot or surrender. The PID inserts are installed towards the bottom (waistline) of the Target backer forcing the shooter to acquire the information needed before making a decision. The inserts are also purposely angled so that even when facing the target head on the shooter may still not have 100% of the information needed. People could also choose to set up the targets "bladed" creating more of a angle as well as choose to use the right or left handed handgun inserts depending on scenario or difficulty needed. This sets our target set apart from others.


    Instead of printing inserts with other types of weapons or objects , we've decided to just leave the backside of our inserts blank so it may be used for other purposes , users can choose to draw in shapes or even use numbers as an option . You can even use stencils that other manufacturers have come out with making the PID target set extremely versitile.


    On the Target  backer we have added a occular as well as a thoracic shooting zone to aid in shot placement (dimensions listed below).


    To keep as much realism as we could, we made the handgun (G19) as close to actual size as we could (within .25" of an inch of actual dimensions) as well as the Hands (see dimensions listed below).


    Sold by case qty only. Case includes:

    20 Targets and 20 target inserts

    (7 Left hand inserts, 7 Right hand inserts, 6 No Shoot inserts)


    Due to Logisitics please contact us direct at KOFFINWURKS@GMAIL.COM for purchasing. Orders will NOT be accepted without contacting us for a shipping qoute, typically a case of targets will cost $30 shipping CONUS through USPS.




    • Additional Info

      T-Zone Dimensions appoximately 3x 3" inch

      Thoracic Zone Dimensions approximately 5 x 8" inch

    • Specs

       200lb test carboard

      Vertical Fluted Cardboard  

      18 x 30 total dimension  

      Insert Approximate Dimensions:

      Hand 7 x 7 inch

      G19 7 x 5" inch


    • Additional Info

      Patent Pending

      Made in Hawaii, USA

      Sold in sets and in case qty only 

      Case Qty:

      7 Left hand Insert

      7 Right Hand Insert

      6 No Shoot Insert

      20 Target Backers