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Kenwood Saddle Plug
  • Kenwood Saddle Plug

    Colab between your friendly neighborhood Koffin Wurks & Great Plains Creations . Made to hold the 2pin Kenwood Plug for your Baofeng securely in the UV5R radio preventing accidental disconnects and intermittent comms problems stemming from a bad plug connection. 

    I’ve been testing the prototypes for the past year & it’s completely solved my previous comms issues. From the pictures you can see i drilled a small hole into the UV5R Exoskeleton to retain the shock cord & saddle making it a bit easier for me to add/remove my radio from a pouch as well as swap batteries without much effort. This is not a necessary step, it’s just something i found works better for me.

    Since the Exoskeleton and the Saddle adds some girth to the Baofeng UV5R it may fit a little tighter in different pouches. During testing I’ve successfully run the full set up in a elastic expander wing type pouch, in a Raptor Tactical GP pouch, in the Haley Strategic heavy chest rig mag pouch and the HS micro chest rig mag pouch (inserts removed)., as well as in the Spiritus Systems Mutant pouch all without problem.



    • Additional Info

      ships with shock cord and cord lock