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Drag Handle
  • Drag Handle

    the Koffin Wurks Drag Handle can provide you with precious time to react to a smash and grab. Now you can easily secure any bag, purse, backpack down to the factory seat belt and then still be able to easily disconnect your bag from your carabiner when exiting the vehicle. 


    If you watch the video with the broken green carabiner , that was us testing multiple hard pulls on a cheap $1.99 carabiner from the local hardware store. Even after it failed it was still able to retain the bag. Although we DON'T suggest you use those, we just wanted to show that they will work in a pinch.  When choosing a carabiner make sure to use something rated for climbing and preferabbly with a strong latch (like the one shown in the pictures).


    In the second video you see us using a HD carbiner from a local hardware store. There is a big difference in quality.  


    Other potential uses? Pets, seat belt reminders, anti projectile bag

    • Additional Info

      Carabiner is not included  

    • more info

      Mini Drag Handles are made with 1" webbing instead of the normal 1.5"webbing . Great for those looking for something to leave attached to bags due to the size difference.

    $18.00 Regular Price
    $14.00Sale Price