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Rave 2.0 Chemlight Keeper
  • Rave 2.0 Chemlight Keeper

    Rave 2.0 now has the ability to add a second link. Normally you can fit up to 4 chem on one link without overloading it. After feedback over the past few years we've added the ability to double up Link capacity giving you 8-10 chem at the ready. The Rave 2.0 comes with one link, you can choose to add the second link when checking out. Look on the far right pink color icon to add the second link for $5.00 .


    Made to give you a consistant chem light release everytime. The square designed Link allows you to retrieve a chem light from anywhere on the bundle . The link is "reloadable" and is made from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel so you never need to worry about it breaking. We've also added a non removeable eleastic silencer around the link to cut down on noise as well as reduce any potential snag hazards.


    Designed to be slid over belts up to 1.75 width, The included D-ring acts as a mount to stow gloves which frees up valuable space on your belt. It is important to note that  due to different belt designs as well as material thickness Rave 2.0 may not be able to work with all belt manufacturers.





    • Belt fitment

      The Rave 2.0 is a 1 piece design, we don't use velcro to mount these, we find this way to be stronger . This means you may need to temporarily remove previously mounted gear to position the RAVE and once you have it where you want it then reinstall the gear. If you have any questions if it will fit your belt lease contact us before purchasing.

      Confirmed fit on the following:

      Scuba webbing type belts up to 1.75" wide

      Raptor Tactical ODIN MK3 2 piece belt

      Alonso Defense Emissary

      Ferro Concepts Bison Belt 

    • more info

      Some brand chems may need to be opened  up a little to fit the link, we've hear back from some users that if it's a tight fit they will take a knife and shave a little out of the  chemlight mounting hole.

    $24.00 Regular Price
    $15.00Sale Price