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Koffin-Fuzz Mod1
  • Koffin-Fuzz Mod1

    Koffin Fuzz Moid1 is a colab brought to you by Dynamic Fuzz & Koffin Wurks. Mod1 is done to the Comtac Fuzz Covers Mod 3 and combines the cable management abilities of Krypt with the benefits of running  the Dynamic Fuzz covers.


    Both sides are Modded for Dual comms and are sold as a set only (cannot break the set)

    Ear Fuzz (velcro) is sold seperatly and can be added in the color options below 

    • Additional Info

      Koffin Fuzz Mod1 : Comtac II,III, V,VI

      Koffin Fuzz Mod2: Ops Core Amps