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Cloud Defensive REIN Legacy Light Body Kit
  • Cloud Defensive REIN Legacy Light Body Kit

    Do you want to run your existing Surefire ™ tail caps and Surefire or Unity Tactical ™ remote switches with the REIN 3.0? If so, that moment has arrived! The new REIN Legacy light body accepts Surefire ™ tail caps and ALL the existing and corresponding remote switches on the market that work with it.


    This Kit comes with the REIN 3.0 Head, Legacy Light Body, 18650 Battery (1)


    • Additional Info

      Output Specs & New Features (with REIN 3.0 head)

      • 90,000 Candela peak beam intensity (With 18650)
      • 1100 Lumens output (With 18650)
      • 65 minutes run-time (With 18650)
      • Dual-Fuel capability. REIN 3.0 runs on 18650 and now can also run on two CR123 batteries. 18650 rechargeable battery provides the best output, by far. However, you can now use 2 CR123A batteries if needed. You will see reduced output with CR123A batteries (50,000 Candela, 400 Lumens and 60 minutes runtime, respectively).
      • 3” Bezel diameter – smaller than the original REIN in diameter.
      • Lower mounting lug profile keeps the REIN 3.0 closer to your rail than ever before.
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      ITAR Restricted